Frequently Asked Questions

How could I submit my manuscript to IJARW Research Publication?

You can submit your paper to the IJARW Research Publication through online or by e-mail at :;

Can I submit more than one article for a similar issue?

Yes, you will be able to submit more than one article for a similar issue.

How much time does the IJARW taking review process for the article?

The editorial board is very committed to the quick review process of the Article, but not to the victim of the correct verdict of an article. The review process takes a maximum of five days.

How many issues of IJARW Publish in a year?

There are 12 issues per month or It publishes 1 issue per month.

When will I get the acceptance letter, if my paper is accepted?

An acceptance letter is given after completion of auditing process (Reviewing process).

How can I pay the publication fee?

You can pay publication fees by three ways.

  • Payment through Bank account transfer to XXX BANK (NEFT)

  • Payment by direct (Cash) deposit of fees in Account

  • Payment through Demand Draft.

  • For foreign author payment can be done by ‘PayPal’

Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form?

Copyrights Transfer form is available at CopyRights Form

Why should I transfer copyrights to IJARW?

In the same way as other scientific publishers, the IJARW expects authors to give transfer of copyright prior to publication. This licenses IJARW to publish the article and to protect against inappropriate usage I. e. publishing in different Journals. It likewise allows IJARW to mount the article on the web and to utilize the article in different forms or media. By the IJARW transfer agreement, authors hold significant rights in the work.

How does the process of review work?

The review of articles is done through a blind peer review. Every one of the articles got by IJARW, are sending to Review Committee in the wake of erasing the name of the author to have an unprejudiced judgement about the research.

How much time my published paper will be available at Journal Website?

It will be for Lifetime

Is there any manuscript available at IJARW Research Publication Website?

Yes, Article manuscript is available for authors on IJARW Research Publication website.

How can I join IJARW as a reviewer?

The IJARW is an open membership consortium. It is a group of All Studies Branch Streams Journals. Every so often, the IJARW will welcome new member or guest when the board of deputies feels that the new journal or consortium will give a required point of view that isn't as of now accessible inside the current Advisory Board. Open membership consortium for editors and others in All Research field. To join please visit

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